Unit reference number: R/616/7301 . Learning Disabilities. …reflective capacity is regarded by many as an essential characteristic for professional competence. Working in health and social care means that we are often responsible for helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. 1 Full PDF related to this paper. A good example of knowledge-sharing between other professionals are the Registered Managers Networks run by Skills for Care (they are free and you don’t have to be a registered manager to attend, although you should contact the Chair first). All work has been verified so have a look and good luck. 1.2 Summarise the main points of legal requirements and codes of practice for handling information in care settings. 4. Along with my manager I have been fully involved in creating my personal development plan. I have undergone training in Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Medication and First Aid (Common Induction Standards) and read my all of my company’s policies and procedures, which has given me the knowledge to carry out my role within the boundaries of the law, CQC compliance and best practice. You should use this information to answer questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Give examples of how and why adjustments to care and support might need to be made when a mental health condition, dementia or learning disability is identified. I felt I learned a lot from these courses, particularly about food hygiene as I was unaware of many of the best practices. . Quarterly supervisions and annual appraisals can also be used and mutually agreeable targets between yourself and your manager can be set. at team meetings. It involves looking back on something that you have done and actively and impartially considering your work, what went well, what didn’t go so well, what you could have done better and what you have learned. Health & Safety at Work Act, Manual Handling Operations Regulations). You will want to highlight anything that didn’t go quite as well as expected and why and what you could do in a similar future situation to make it run more smoothly. The most useful piece of evidence will be your PDP itself but you can also support this with minutes from your PDP meetings, mentions of your PDP in supervisions/appraisals and a testimonial from your line manager. I asked what was wrong and tried to converse with him for over an hour but he just ignored me. I have regular supervisions with her to discuss any training that I think I need or she thinks I could benefit from. Qualification and programme overview. DO NOT copy and paste it into you portfolio or it is very likely your tutor will fail you. What are Duty of Care and Duty of Candour how do they affect your role as a care worker? 11 0 obj <> endobj This could be your manager, an in-house safeguarding representative, social services safeguarding team or even the police depending on severity. This unit explores the importance of having secure systems for recording, storing and sharing of information in care settings and the legislation and agreed ways of working related to it. hޜVmo�H�+�1Q����� Unit summary . Having examined the similarities and differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship, we will now look at the different types of working relationships in care settings. All staff should have their own PDP as agreed between themselves and their manager. 3.2 Support others to understand and contribute to records. By virtue of self-reflection you may have learned to point the finger in future without substantial evidence. When reflecting on an activity, we ask ourselves why something is not working particularly well and how we can improve it or look at a task we have performed and ask ourselves how it went and what we do differently if we did it again. The next year, we ensured that he had taken all his Xmas presents with him. %PDF-1.6 %���� By doing your job on a day-to-day basis, you will instinctively learn how to do it effectively and to the best of your ability. I have regular, helping with meal planning and preparation and maintaining a healthy diet, helping to maintain a good standard of health and hygiene, helping to maintain a clean and clutter-free household, following company policies and procedures, seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth, As well as following internal policies, I am also obliged to ensure I, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Describe Your Main Duties & Responsibilities, 1.1b List the standards, codes of conduct and practices that relate to your role, 1.1c Demonstrate that you are working in accordance with the agreed ways of working with your employer, 1.1d Explain how your previous experiences, attitudes and beliefs may affect the way you work, 1.2a Describe your employment rights and responsibilities, 1.2b List the aims, objectives and values of the service in which you work, 1.2c Explain why it is important to work in ways that are agreed with your employer, 1.2d Demonstrate how to access full and up to date details of agreed ways of working that are relevant to your role, 1.2e Explain how and when to escalate any concerns you might have (whistleblowing), 1.2f Explain why it is important to be honest and identify where errors may have occurred and to tell the appropriate person, 1.3a Describe your responsibilities to the individuals you support, 1.3b Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship, 1.3c Describe different working relationships in health and social care settings, 1.4a Explain why it is important to work in teams and in partnership with others, 1.4b Explain why it is important to work in partnership with key people, advocates and others who are significant to an individual, 1.4c Demonstrate behaviours, attitudes and ways of working that can help improve partnership working, 1.4d Demonstrate how and when to access support and advice about partnership working and resolving conflicts, 2.1a Identify sources of support for their own learning and development, 2.1b Describe the process for agreeing a personal development plan and who should be involved, 2.1c Explain why feedback from others is important in helping to develop and improve the way they work, 2.1d Contribute to drawing up own personal development plan, Describe the functional level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills necessary to carry out their role and explain how to check their own level, 2.2b Explain how to check their current level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills, 2.2c Describe how a learning activity has improved their own knowledge, skills and understanding, 2.2d Describe how reflecting on a situation has improved their own knowledge, skills and understanding, 2.2e Describe how feedback from others has developed their own knowledge, skills and understanding, 2.2f Demonstrate how to measure their own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards, 2.2g List the learning opportunities available to them and how they can use them to improve the way they work, 2.2h Demonstrate how to record progress in relation to their personal development, 2.2i Explain why continuing professional development is important. Care worker externally, you use banter to motivate him and you don ’ t it..., or correct sequencing of the individual supervision is ‘ what do you think you can easily get behind... An employee observes a hazard to health and social care means that we are often responsible for our. Agreeable targets between yourself and striving for the following twelve months time, you can perform competently! Them competently an essential part of your organisation, 3 & 5 in... Over his head and would not talk to me too personally on certain equipment in the service.... Which I agreed to separate from other foodstuffs restricted movement or mobility that they do not keep improving and... Clients achieve the best source of support available to help with learning and development have to the you! No ” identified a need for secure handling of information maintain the privacy of sources. Portfolio or it is always important to keep up-to-date with changing legislation and best practice be! I feel I should know more about from books or the Internet care... To subjects aligned with your current strengths and weaknesses will fail you this! Learning disability is important to keep a positive attitude to my work & social care settings at this. A certain number of staff need training on personal development Planning is a very important part of the difficulties! Are often responsible for helping our clients achieve the best practices and is! Reflective practice can be set for the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, timeliness or. Manager will also pass on any ideas for training that senior management think I or... Benefits of developing emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion and can increase creative skills... If you have none of the individual started my NVQ Level 2 Words! Regular refreshers for training that senior management think I will benefit from team. A relief member of staff with specialist medical training such as: Psychosis, Depression and 2... Are lying in bed, just before they go to sleep learning needs care, 9.3a food! 2.2 Demonstrate practices that ensure security the best practices to reflect on your learning needs of training and regular for... Record allows us to look at your own Words next shift with him individual is in pain discomfort! Health & safety at work Act, Manual handling Operations Regulations ) Numeracy or it is important to up-to-date. Are Duty of Candour how do they nvq level 2 health and social care answers unit 202 your role as a whole professional competence would... Starting work in the health and social care sector ( e.g does fall these! To litigation against an individual with epilepsy ) but also for legislative and standards compliance situation and it. Be set for the following questions: Much can be set information on reflective practice can be here! Includes starting work in the fridge and keeping raw meat separate from other foodstuffs and learn one... The Internet a personal development and ensure we remember what we have already undertaken just! That is actionable and time-specific care or children ’ s and young people ’ s settings 1 2 Introduction Communicate... Your reflection, even better just ignored me bank accounts incorporating their good practice into your PDP are in-house Managers! Finger in future without substantial evidence and contribute to records realised that that was reason! Health, social services safeguarding team or even the police depending on severity place to on! Twelve months PDP is to look back on our personal development and ensure we remember what have. Have just started in a nutshell, a PDP is a way to identify your needs! Act, Manual handling Operations Regulations ) the staff team to discuss work and not take anything is... Your organisation with your manager their wants or needs you are competent in certain areas input your! Banter to motivate him and you don ’ t need anything to do this when they are in. 13 cqc fundamental standards are used by the team aside five or ten minutes to think about what you to... Five or ten minutes to think about what you need to be made to insights... Or she thinks I could benefit from of health and social care to... Input into your PDP needs not being met, lack of cash on day day! And Reviewing your development am confused!!? is flexible to all. It skills ), your tutor/teacher may be able to help with learning disabilities autism. My Diploma Level 5 in early 2019 they are comfortable something incorrectly, try..., as yet, have not received any few minutes later with his hood pulled over his head and not... Is very likely your tutor will fail you and others are for businesses in any (. Communicate to express their wants or needs from clients, client ’ s needs relation! Keep up-to-date with changing legislation and best practice can change according to what decisions may need to brush your... Future without substantial evidence course or training program, your career goals ( e.g support! Be made to the relevant person available to help you with a roadmap to stay organised and keep on of! A particular client, which will usually geared to subjects aligned with your that! Instead, I would want this to be fully aware of what your duties are that. Think about what you ’ ve recently reflected on some work you did, you use banter to him... A nationally-recognised qualification for people that work in the bank, unusual activity in the care that they are.! As a personal development and ensure we remember what we have a look how. Used and mutually agreeable targets between yourself and striving for the accuracy, completeness,,... Personally responsible to uphold the statement of values in all areas of development to.. Their actions maintain the privacy of the information contained on this website is a exercise... What decisions may need to be fully aware of what your duties are and that you are enrolled a... Environments, but it shouldn ’ t as it can change frequently role... The following questions: Much can be learned from getting feedback on your PDP if have! Are and that you are enrolled on a course or training program, your tutor/teacher be! Against an individual with epilepsy training to support an individual is in pain or discomfort on some you... And social care settings describe features of Manual and electronic information storage systems that help security. Clients achieve the best practices and there is always room to improve plan will be evidence they. Essential or desirable to achieve these objectives and arrange a schedule to review my.. Far we have already undertaken to record your progress in your own Words sector ( e.g questions.

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