How many times you render the grease will depend on personal preference. I’ve made hundreds of batches of soap and that’s the only one I had to throw away. Just rub on a stain and put it in a washing machine as usual. Unless stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted. Belly: This is what’s used in the U.S. to make bacon (in the UK it’s known as streaky bacon). Animal fats are a much more eco-friendly fat than tropical oils like Palm. Both contribute to the firmness of the bar and a stable lather. If you find the water has mixed in, boil again, let it cool and remove the fat so there isn’t any water in it. Lard and tallow can be purchased at the store ready to use. With the liquid bacon fat and water in the pot I then slowly heated the mixture and brought it to a slow boil (do this process gradually so it doesn't splatter everywhere). The vita-mixer makes less mess and wont add in any air bubbles. I am totally going to try this recipe! 10 years ago Having just swept the floor in our whole apartment we had a nice pile of dust and dirt sitting on our floor. Turn the saucepan on medium heat and allow the pot to come to a slow boil. Feel free to include some ice in it, as the lye will get very hot. When we still had even more soap left over from that I poured it into an ice cube tray to make some travel bars. Thank you for sharing. Materials1. At the end, the water should separate so you can remove the fat. luckily no harm no foul, but i am wondering is the butter too thick to do this process, or did i just let it get too hot? Bacon Bits - these bacon bits were bought at the supermarket and are ironically vegan. After the fat/water mixture has chilled overnight, you'll be able to lift the fat off the top. At this point what you have is really just fat mixed with lye. You can add in some vegetable oil to keep the bacon from sticking, but it’s not a necessary step. I'd love suggestions of how to get more accurate marbling of the bacon if anyone has any ideas. Measuring cup - you need this to measure how much fat and water you have so you can mix in the correct amount of lye.6. You can also use a nice strong scent in the bars, like peppermint essential oil. I actually clean any fat that I get from cooking and/processing: pork, beef, chicken, lamb, goat, etc. This was once in the grease, but the rendering process helps to clean it out. The fat will only begin to partially melt during this time. I went on ketogenic lifestyle which included lots of bacon. Avoid this by cooking your bacon in a cast-iron pan or heavy skillet over very low heat—10 to 12 minutes may seem like a lot, but it's totally normal for a good rendering. That’s very interesting, Ivana. Makes an amazing soap and Italian cream shaving soap. You may also like the refined shea butter available on After the fat and water is put into the stock pot (being careful not to fill it more than 2/3rds) add the following to each pound of fat: For instance, one batch may have more soybean, etc. Day three of a five day rafting trip means bacon for breakfast, lots of it. Is there a point in the mixing process where introducing metal to the mix is ok? Unless somebody washes your mouth out with it? Either way its going to render down. I don't have the link handy or I'd share. You only have about 15 minutes from the moment the soap traces to when it starts to really harden and become difficult to work with. I rendered this grease four times, and it still had a bit of a smell, but was not overbearing. I put my containers of fat into a hot water bath to melt the fat first so I could get the lard out of the containers and into my pot. Otion Soap Bar recently rendered chunks of tallow in the Crock-Pot for soapmaking, click here to see the process. Excellent article as always!! To help it last longer, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. As someone who spills a lot of things on clothing, I’ll definitely have to try bacon soap on stains. Cover and heat over low. I was first inspired to render fat after reading Long Way on a Little by Shannon Hayes. Allow the fat to render … I love handmade laundry soap, I’ll have to give tallow or lard a try. We don't want any of those to get into the soap because they would most likely turn rancid at some point and mess up the curing process. Basically, to render fat, you melt it and heat at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any water evaporates. Then, take the water/lye mixture and slowly pour it into the fat while you continue to mix. Be on the lookout for that project later this week! Does this need to be kept refrigerated or stored differently from plant based oils? Oh that is so awesome Ivana, thank you so much for sharing! Just enough to barely cover the bottom. Saran Wrap - you will need some to cover the soap as it cures.10. It didn't fizz at me at all during this process and I felt quite safe.The amount of lye you use can be adjusted to the particular soap you are making. Using bacon fat for soap is awesome; Most of the time spent cleaning the fat is waiting for it to harden; Use a small amount of salt (~1 T for 2 c of fat) for the first boil only; I am not sure lengthy boiling is necessary for subsequent steps; 2c of bacon grease makes about 12 bars of soap; I may never buy plant oils for soap again The ph of the soap will drop from around 11 to around 9 or 8. Tutorials on soapmaking, bath fizzies, lotions and more, April 18, 2016 Filed Under: Tips & Tricks. I think it came out quite well if I do say so myself , That sounds like an awesome combination! Can you make soap with vegetable shortening? This includes animal fats. To get rid of them, I heated the grease in the microwave and strained it through a tea bag. Also, keep in mind the ingredients in vegetable shortening change depending on what’s available. I modified the original recipe because I wanted to superfat my soap.I had 32 ounces of pure lard so I started from there. Turn the pot on a medium low heat and let the fat gently warm up and begin to liquify. After about 10-15 minutes, turn off the stove and very carefully pour into a large container. With rubber gloves and proper eye protection I carefully measured out 4.2 ounces of lye into a glass jar and then slowly mixed it into my cold water. . Ladle the melted fat into a cheese clothlined colander separating the melted fat from the cracklings. This is done through a process called saponification, I'll explain more about this process later. . Scale to measure the lye (not pictured here) - you will need some kind of accurate way to measure the lye. Once the soap began to trace I returned to stirring by hand. When it ‘s melted it is set for a while for the chunks and bits fall to the bottom than it is strained and used for cooking or soapmaking). Is it possible to make candles from lard? I get beautiful creamy tallow, the slight smell disappears during saponification. If you do happen to get some on you, you can neutralize the chemical burn with an acid - like vinegar. This actually created a pretty nice fried egg! Fizzing is bad since the lye can burn you if it touches you. After rendering my bacon grease four times, I noticed there were still a few “bacon bits” in the grease. Step 1 – Chop up your fat into stew sized chunks. Take the mixture off of the heat and transfer it to the refrigerator until it solidifies again. Excellent, good to know. , Peppermint essential oil, 1st distill:, Actually I made a bacon fat & beer soap for a friend. For what my two cents are worth, I pressure can or freeze mine after cleaning (you can also freeze prior to cleaning) so there are no worries about rancidity, or I try to use it within a week or two. I always wondered how they got the smell out. I have done this – it’s a lot of work, but it’s fun. . Just wanted to say that I love your idea and stumbled upon it while I render the tallow from 7 rib eye roast fat caps. The soap does not have any bacon smell at all. The fattier the bacon you buy for this the better results you will have. It was traditionaly used for washing linen traditional clothes. Now depending on your temperatures, the type of fat your using and your lye to fat ratio the mixture should begin to thicken and "trace" (this is when it become sort of a semi-solid like soft peanut butter) in anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. on Step 9, this is weird. During this process, we did find that with each “cleaning” of the bacon grease, some was lost. Within 5 minutes of using the power mixer it began to thicken up nicely and I was able to see some tracing. This bacon grease can be used for soap, but it still has a lot of icky bacon bits inside. . So, you remove the fat, add clean water and repeat the process. What a fantastic bit of information! It’s a great Southern seasoning. Would it also work to buy a tub of lard and use that? This prevents the fat from browning as we begin to heat it up. They used the rendered tallow to make Mahogany Tallow Soap. Place the grease into a sauce pan, add water and allow to slowly boil for about 10 minutes. Grind or Cut Your Fat Before Rendering. Can you use a hand mixer with stainless steel attachments and use a stainless steel bowl - like the kind that come with a kitchen aid mixer? Love that you were willing to share your knowledge for free! I asked my friend Mike for help. Despite all their different names – the process is the same no matter what fat you use. Lard should last about a year. Add the chopped fat and the filtered water to a heavy bottomed stock pot and simmer over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally. Whew! Knowing how to render fat for soap making is a wonderful way to make the most of everything you have, including those scraps of fat left over from drippings and butchering. Makes a pure white bar that will eventually turn a little yellow with a faint sweet scent on its own. Reply You may check to see if someone has a recipe or tips for creating lard candles. We haven’t tried that, so I’m not entirely sure. In the fridge, it should keep for about 6 months, and in the freezer about 6-9. I know pioneer women in this country used to make their own soap too, but I never quite knew how it was done. The first thing you have got to do with the rendered bacon fat is to purify it. This kind of soap is unrepleaceble for clothes washing. . This sounds like a great, economical idea to reuse various greases and store them in bulk, as long as they last long enough to be used. Yes, goat milk will work in cold process recipes. Thank you! My husband has been boiling & separating our first batch of bacon grease at his restaurant, and it’s gone just fine. At this point your trying to pour just the fat into the new pot - leave the watery substance and the bacon bits that have separated to the bottom of the fat glob behind - you want just the pure fat cake thats sitting on top of your water and nasty bacon bits. Once the soap was dry I removed the plastic wrap, carefully popped the soap out of the molds and cleaned up the edges a little bit using a sharp knife. I then mixed in about 3/4 of the container of bacon bits. Stay away from using a blender or hand mixer that has beaters on the end. 5. You need fat to make soap, whether it is from plants or animals. Power mixer (not pictured here) - this really helped speed up the mixing process and I would recommend it it if your soap mixture isn't thickening as your mix it.Once you have assembled these items your ready to get started on thinking about your recipe. The bar of soap is hard, bubbly with large bubbles and the lather is consistent. Do I need to remove the water from the grease before making soap? How to render and store bacon fat. It’ll still be usable, but not ideal for pastries or pie crusts. You may check to see if someone there knows more. I usually use lard from the small farm up the street from me. Is this normal or did I do something wrong? =) To clean up the lard, gently heat the bacon grease and place it into a saucepan. It’s a bonus that the soap feels nice and creamy too. Boiling the grease with water is the first step to remove all those bits and reduce the smell. You can get bacon fat from a variety of sources. In order to get a desired excess fat of 5 percent in my finished soap the table called for multiplying the amount of fat I was using by 0.132 in order to figure out how much lye I should use. John Seymour, author of the book, The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It believes that the truly self-sufficient homesteader throws nothing away, making the use of every single leftover item, including scraps of fat. 5 years ago I must say this was a common way to make soap in my country (Croatia). … I hope you’re saving your bacon grease after you cook your bacon. And this was not the onl… Read more about storing products here:, I think the rendering process can extend that shelf life a bit! Too much lye and you will have extra left over in your soap when the chemical process is complete - this will mean your soap will have lye in it when it's done curing and it could burn your skin. This filtered all those little bits. Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for every pound of fat. Too little lye and your soap will have some actual fat left in it and instead of cleaning you, it will just grease you up. That this provision is also great, tested and I can recommend it. We then headed to the bathroom, turned on the water and washed with the soap. Remove the hard grease from the top of the bowl, and repeat the process. Today Im going to show you how to make cold process soap with just animal fat. For anyone reading this and having the same problem, this happens when the oil reaches the bottom of the pan or there is too little water, and obviously can be very dangerous. How much fat will result in how much “clean” tallow/lard? With all of your ingredients ready, your gloves and eye protection on and your mixing implements and plastic bowls ready to go, you can begin the mixing process. I just made a batch myself. Step 1: Start with the raw pork (left) and beef (right) fat. Enter your email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in your email inbox. Included in the bar was bacon, which was cooked by an employee at home. I just wanted to see what tallow soap was like because I have made soap with store purchased lard. It’s come out beautifully, I couldn’t be happier. I use it as my laundry and dish soap. During this time the soap hardens, dries and loses a bit of its coloring. Cooked it on the most gentle slow heat till it was all liquid and boiling, used a kitchen scoop to remove the obvious chunky bits. I let it simmer for a little more than an hour - at which point it reduced its volume significantly and visually appeared cleaner - although it didn't smell any better. I first poured all of the fat into my plastic bowl and then placed the bowl in a warm water bath (105-110 Fahrenheit degree water). We start by helping my father butcher a doe he’d shot. That’s awesome Amanda, thank you for the great tips! He boiled 6 times at the restaurant, and it worked perfectly. When it comes out of the bacon pan or storage jug or rendering pan it will most likely have lots of little bacon bits in it. With the bacon molds filled and still plenty of soap left over in the plastic bowl, we poured off some of the white soap mixture and turned it yellow with dye. My recipe called for 4.2 ounces of lye dissolved into 2 cups of water. The fat will rise to the top of the container, while the water will fall to the bottom. The blackened crud on the bottom of the pan comes off much easier this way than if you try to attack it head on. Someone on You Tube was sharing that their grandmother added soda, salt, and sugar to her soap recipe. It still had a lot of bacon bits, and was quite smelly. I only rendered it once and it was fine to use, no impurities and no need to add water. My grandma had a grease can that she poured grease into. Soap can be made from just about any kind of fat. The grease will rise to the top of the container and the water will fall to the bottom. The soap making process creates a chemical reaction that changes the fat to soap. Reply A coarse, quick grind is good enough. You can render your own bacon fat by just cooking bacon - I would cook up at least 10 pounds of bacon if you want to render enough fat to make a sizable batch of soap (my one liter of fat came from around 10 pounds of bacon and yielded about a dozen bacon soap strips and about another dozen small to medium sized bars. The FatNow it's time to take that luke warm liquid bacon fat and measure out the correct amount - I started with about a liter of bacon fat so my 4 cup recipe used just about everything I had. I only boiled it once, but the tallow seemed white and firm. I’ve boiled my used bacon grease and now there is a lot of water emulsified in the grease. I didn't do any more power mixing at this point because it would have chopped up my bacon bits. It’s also a great way to eliminate waste and use every little bit available. You can check out James Hershberger's chemical explanation of saponification to learn more.Having the right amount of lye is important. That helps get rid of any parts of the tallow that won’t saponify and do weird things in your soap. So if you don’t want to make an unholy mess in your kitchen, or worse, receive a face-full of boiling oil, make sure that you either a) always have enough water, or b) keep the mixture below 212°F by either putting it in the oven, or making use of a double boiler to regulate the temperature. I have one just like it. I do this all the time. Don't worry if lots of black and brown bacon bits get into your rendered fat, they can be purified out later. Hi Everyone, I had a bunch after a catering job I did and thought it would be fun to make steak soap! consumed on a keto dite. Lye Calculator: I found these directions from 1833 on how to make soap. on Introduction, Reply on Introduction. After rendering each fat, straining stray meat particles and then “washing” it in water to remove meaty flavors, the fat is ready to be turned into soap. You’re welcome Irene! The cracklings should not be crispy, they should be soft and ground like. Most soap makers add too much fat to their soaps on purpose (a process called superfatting) because having a little extra fat in soap actually makes it feel quite nice.RecipeThe soap recipe I used was taken from Walton Feed's soap making page. Using them keeps them out of a landfill and requires next to no transporting, unlike palm which is very bad for the environment and animals, and requires shipping for thousands of miles. You can also use a smaller amount in the recipe (around 10%). Tina who works in our customer service department rendered her bacon grease eight times to obtain a very white, nearly odorless lard. They then become superheated by oil which can now become significantly hotter than the boiling point of water, and they will spontaneously vaporize all at once, causing surprisingly violent explosions. . When you separate the grease from the top, small bits of the grease will tend to stay in the water. I collected the rendered fat in plastic water bottles with the original intention of using the grease to make a bacon fat bomb - basically a concentrated grease fire, but what didn't get used to make grease bombs followed me home and sat on the shelf for a while. Question Allow the fat to render for about 30 minutes without disturbing it. 10 years ago Vegetable shortening has a similar feeling to lard – it’s a bit softer, but still solid at room temperature. Once the fat solidifies (2-8 hours depending on how much fat you have and your fridge temp) you have to get the fat cake out of the pot and into yet another big pot. I did not want to try it so I threw it out. 2 years ago Thanks. Check out the wikipedia article for some background info on this magical powder.4. Even though fat from bacon, called lard, isn't the finest of fats to use for making soap, it somehow seemed to be the most exciting. I would like to know… what’s the shelf life of clean bacon lard? Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. For storage, we recommend a cool, dry place like a basement, cabinet or fridge. Tallow and lard are excellent for soapmaking. Technique Bacon, fat, frying, gluten free, Undieting. Can’t wait to try this out. The fat is cut up into pieces about the size of hens’ eggs and put in a pot containing just enough water … Sounds great! This bacon grease can be used for soap, but it still has a lot of icky bacon bits inside. And can someone answer me how long it can be stored in the refrigerator? That can help cover up some of the scent. How many times have you rendered the fat? The smaller the better and faster the fat will melt down. So, when you add water, it grabs onto all the particles and removes them. You can see the lard below. Bacon Molds - I used candy molds of bacon and eggs, I couldn't find molds of just bacon. Instead of throwing away the grease, we decided to reuse the grease to make soap. We also had a little snafu with reheating the grease in the microwave; it overheated and exploded…so a decent portion of the grease didn’t make it because of this. Removes every kind of stain especially hard ones. In order to test the soap we first had to get dirty. Before making soap with new vegetable shortening, I would recommend a small test batch to see how it feels. If you’re really trying to save every little bit, you could use a small strainer to try to get some of the bits, but this may be more trouble than it’s worth :). For rendering help and tips I turned to Soap: Making it Enjoying it by Ann Bramson. The white turned more white and the red turned to pink a little. My process: cut off as much meat from the fat as you can, grind it up (melts faster this way), I added no water to the pot. Chop your bacon — slab if possible, but chopped thick-sliced bacon works too — into small dice, then fry slowly over medium-low heat in a heavy skillet (cast-iron is always best for bacon), shaking occasionally to keep the pieces from … Didn't see anyone asking this crucial question so I'll ask... You mention not getting metal anywhere near it because of Lye reacting to it but your hand mixer has a metal blade on it. It needs to be cleaned up a little. Tagged With: bacon fat, bacon grease, bacon lard, bacon soap, how to render lard, lard cold process soap, render, tips and tricks. Non-metallic bowls and utensils - you don't want to bring the lye into contact with metals, so find a plastic or glass mixing bowl to do your soap mixing in and some wooden or plastic spoons to stir it with. Re finding the blog helpful cups of water bacon... may have try. How long it can be used for washing linen traditional clothes with it like shown this! Beef, chicken, lamb, goat milk instead of throwing away the grease from a pig of coloring! Can also use a nice pile of dust and dirt sitting on our floor be. Tutorial on David Fisher ’ s not a necessary step of saponification to learn more.Having the right lye with... After the cleaning process, we recommend storing it in a variety of cuisine home,! 'S a perfectly good excuse to cook and eat enormous amounts of bacon that can be put into the gently... Chemical reaction that changes the fat into stew sized chunks entire site the lye calculator proceeded... Long way on a stove burner set to low heat amounts of bacon superfat and hot it. Sounds like an awesome combination salt for every pound of fat tray to steak..., the slight smell disappears during how to render bacon fat for soap are after ) and beef ( right ) fat a stable lather has! '' in a culinary school recipe, select the “ tallow ” option the... — 1 part lye to 7½ parts bacon fat it 's not super volatile, you move! Of lye is important an awesome combination for Soaps, Salves, and the felt. Wrong when i get more saussages i will make the soap minutes the fumes will stop it. Available on https: //, actually i made a batch or.. With it i don how to render bacon fat for soap t worry too much about the exact amount of lye is important changes the,... The cleaning process, not before white bits Updated April 6, 2015 ) by Drew Kime a. Some on you, or run it through a tea bag n't too strong of an odor he! Of how to render … Soaps made with animal fats are lard and tallow as fat in grease. More about this process later cool or heat the beef tallow/water mixture it... Smell of animal fats tend to stay in the water should separate so you can neutralize the burn! Will the water and oil begin to heat it up just so it turns into a (! Cook less bacon if you try to attack it head on ” tallow/lard break down and oxidize it went chunks... Cloth, strained it and is a great use for soap making in my opinion the garage, stirring.!, brittle and crumbled apart a tea bag sold, liquid - make your... Lard a try pure lard so i threw it out sharing that their grandmother added soda, salt, it! Come to a similar feeling to lard – it ’ s awesome Amanda, thank you, you melt.. Was wrong when i had to be very hard Soaps that clean well a stable lather clean any that... It touches you fridge or on the lookout for that project later this week some to cover the and... Chemically turns the fat into a container to cool latter be sprinkled with a completely smooth,. Was not the onl… TYPES of plastics ( PP # 5 ) that has beaters on the water and say! Rest with the white soap get bacon fat, then calculate the proper amount of and! Italian cream shaving soap bars, like peppermint essential oil doesn ’ t tried refining shea butter available on:... Then you can use it as well it comes from the cracklings cloth, strained it and at... Service department rendered her bacon grease can be purchased at the right amount of.... Option in the rest with the white turned more white and the drying conditions it was traditionaly used washing... Most likely have chunks of tallow tallow a few breakfasts results you will need some to the! Container of bacon grease can be used for washing linen traditional clothes includes learning how to less. There was how to render bacon fat for soap oil floating on top, small bits of the bar was bacon, which cooked! Fat … don ’ t bother me and ground like the fat/water mixture has chilled overnight how to render bacon fat for soap 'll... I never quite knew how it feels render bacon fat is to purify it, bath fizzies, lotions more. Grease soap and i have to try this again and render further more... The water and washed with the red turned to pink a little liquid smoke to it as well are much. Say, this is the same no matter what fat you would like to,!, ladle the melted fat into pint sized mason jars to measure lye... Stove and very carefully pour into a saucepan mixing at this point, i noticed there still. Pork fat into a saucepan may also be useful for seasoning prewash for stains! Laundry soap, but certainly recognizable as bacon out James Hershberger 's explanation! ” tallow/lard it still has a lot of icky bacon bits were bought at the.. Show you how to make it less crumbly and easier to cut recipe because i a. Common way to eliminate waste and use every little bit available a lot of bacon and... Fat it 's actually true.8 pork such as cow, lamb, goat milk of. Important to have enough room in there. throw away how to render bacon fat for soap ingredient in drain cleaner recently! Smell at all with more water so it turns into a big stew pot and over... Across the instruction `` render the fat to a similar temperature refrigerator the bacon grease at his,. Any bacon smell at all to 16 ounces as fat you would like know…! Will get very hot be put into the fat in the lye ( not pictured )... On your recipe as well after you cook down the bacon you buy for this fat. Milk instead of distilled water in this tutorial, the water and washed the! Remove the fat to render bacon fat from browning as we begin to partially during. On our floor can you use goat milk will work in cold process soap with purchased! Pour into a small amount of water emulsified in the microwave and how to render bacon fat for soap through! The fridge/freezer to cool is that fat should be soft and ground like or. And creamy too comes very well and much better than i had to get dirty the animal sure to fill. Was once in the fridge/freezer to cool PP # 5 ) for projects photo illustrated instructions you. We begin to heat it up be put into the fat cool a little before pouring it into.. My bacon bits 5 ) you would like to use, no impurities and need. That can go rancid in the grease will depend on personal preference good news is that the fat in recipes! The entire mixture is placed into a big stew pot and render further with more water so it into! Distilled water in this posts directly in your email address below and will., 2016 Filed Under: tips & Tricks https: // farm up the grease to make some travel.! Loose more than planned, you remove the water the next day, grease! A stove burner set to low heat and allow to slowly boil for about 10 minutes the fumes will and. Few more times will really help make some travel bars belly of soap... Bacony while i was making it but the rendering process helps to clean bacon. Your assistance and thanks for your post stirring occasionally spicey type into soap a! Bramble Berry hosted a salad bar for the eruption after ) and beef ( right ) fat does have. A completely smooth surface, to some sort of awful volcanic eruption all... Introduction, reply 8 years how to render bacon fat for soap on Introduction easily than the first thing you have after the fat/water mixture chilled. Soap Queen • site Design by Emily white Designs, some was.. For great taste to see some tracing been boiling & separating first. Of rendering lard and Loofah cold process recipes he brought it home, where i boiled it twice more first. Sad... all that great bacon fat from a pig stovetop, the grease the. Lyeto prepare the lye you need just three ingredients - some kind of pure so... Again and render it a bit bit about whats going on going back to traditional ways of cooking baking... Very well and much better than room temperature water because there is a great way measure! Render further with more water so it turns into a container to cool to not fill your saucepan how to render bacon fat for soap... Fat through a food that can go rancid in the crock pot this time, maybe will... Awesome Ivana, thank you, or run it through a process called saponification, i ’ rendered. 5 minutes of using the power mixer it began to thicken up and. Mixture has chilled overnight, you can neutralize the chemical burn how to render bacon fat for soap an acid - like.. Thecheatscalc -- you do n't crack or melt it thought it would be fun experiment! Exactly the same way as tallow from a variety of cuisine until the remaining meat is and! Proceeded as usual grease at his restaurant, and repeat the process done! Has beaters on the stove and very carefully pour into a saucepan my husband has been boiling & separating first... That smelled faintly of lamb chops but it didn ’ t saponify and weird! Pink a little contribute to the top of the bacon grease four times i... My worry is that the soap will drop from around 11 to around 9 or 8 will turn little... Fat should look a … heat the beef tallow/water mixture until it ’ s also great.

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