Indian Army Structure Chart. And to the opposite for open terrain which is tank friendly the said general-purpose all-mech infantry would be more expensive than simple tanks without infantry which would dominate the open terrain against such infantry as the more numerous enemy infantry would rule the closed terrain against the to few of the general-purpose bataillons because the number of infantry outside the vehicles would become much lower if you include all this vehicles in an infantry bataillon. With the US Army planning to adopt a new 6.8 mm High Velocity Armoured Piercing Ammunition (HVAP), the rest of NATO may follow its lead. At its peak, in 1813, the regular army contained over 250,000 men. The platoon could divide into two three wagon sub-platoons each having a dismounted mass of 1+6+6? Equivalent military ranks in the UK Navy, Army, Air Force and US Army, edited by Dr Duncan Anderson of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. As I say I’m just throwing ideas around, not trying to invade Poland. At least in tracked / wheeled armoured infantry ? It seems to be a way of thinking that stems form our past two operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and not from a perspective of a peer/near peer confrontation imo. This size of unit would do much to increase the deployability and resilience of UK infantry battalions, especially if we could field at least 18 out of 32 battalions with some form of organic protected mobility. Therefore, this exercise will commence by considering how platoons and rifle sections should be organised and how this determines overall rifle company size and structure. Bye. With approximately 14,000 Regular and 11,000 Army Reserve soldiers, the Division is configured to deliver ‘light role excellence’. Intelligence Cell Also such an all-mech-inf force would hinder the UK forces very much in the primary target to achieve critical mass of infantry in any combat. 40mm MV is would be an excellent addition to the ammo mix in sections bit there will be some work for the SASCs to update Pams and traces so unlikely to happen. While the British Army now has a force structure around which it can develop, it seems appropriate to ask what the desired 'end state' is for this concept. The Squad is the smallest section … If they are vehicle commanders of two of the four section vehicles then when they dismount their vehicle gunner will have double workload. No one wants a similar video of their cap badge. Silly idea ? Combat enemy fast air? @UKLP The GPMG Light Role and GPMG Sustained Fire are very different weapons with very different roles and capabilities. Company HQ will be extremely lean with just one officer and five other ranks. I think we’re missing a trick with not using the reserve transition from regular service. While the UK’s Warrior previously accommodated three crew plus seven dismounts, after has been upgraded, the need to stow 40mm cased-telescoped cannon ammunition is expected to reduce dismounted section carrying capacity to six. It’s important that they are volunteers as far as possible. I suppose they might have a home defence role or be trained as medics or something, but they would be on a specific contract and would not be deployable. 338 MMGs are going to make GPMG SF obsolete. This proposal is in-line with what rifle companies already have. An army is a formation consisting of two or more corps. The promotion system is one that values experience over talent as each year served is arbitrarily deemed to be of value- which is why the number of points necessary to promote gets lowered on each consecutive ‘look’. Many regiments of all types are operating well below their headcount caps, meaning that very few battalions operate with the same number of soldiers. Increased use of the reserves suggests to me that government wants to underpin our foreign adventures on the cheap and at the expense of the regular army. Interesting article on a subject I personally know little about. Rounds and weapon will be heavier for dubious long range body-armour piercing performance. These are: At one end of the spectrum, Armoured infantry battalions are well-resourced with 732 soldiers, while Specialised Infantry battalions have just 267, but this is for training and mentoring, not a primary combat role. What if you disbanded the reserve artillery regiments and added reserve batteries to your regular regiments? However, what about this suggestion with platoon manning lifted to 36 as follows: Pl HQ: Pl Comd, Pl Signaller, Pl Sgt, Pl Medic. Do we need to simplify the rank structures of UK Armed Forces? So back to my original question , can firepower and manoeuvre replace infantry mass, at least for armoured infantry units for the missions they will be used for, while maximizing boots on the ground for protected mobility Battalions which would have a different primary mission set ?? Moving from the micro to the macro, the organization of the army overall is a little wacky, given the number of infantry battalions you’d expect to see simple structures equivalent to ten brigade combat teams, but you don’t; I’d say this is a worry not just operationally but because it lends itself to questions and to cuts, the fighting and the support units should explain and justify each others existence. I think we need silly ideas and massive reforms, such as your ideas on simplify rank structures to fit with a much smaller army. The specialised infantry are acknowledged not to have a primary combat role and if these are left unchanged then the increase is 2050. Certainly turret-mounted 30 mm or 40 mm cannons are preferred. L' United States Army (en français : « Armée de Terre des États-Unis ») [a] souvent abrégée en U.S. Army est l’armée de terre des États-Unis. The US Marine Corps already adopts a similar approach to the one described here. Major Units are regiment or battalion-sized with minor units being smaller, either company sized sub-units or platoons. Three platoons of 36 soldiers would need to be supported by a Company HQ comprised of the Company Commander, Company 2IC, CSM, CQMS, two storemen, two clerks, two radio operators, four drivers, and two runners. Each command is directly affiliated to the Army HQ in New Delhi. This would imo truly increase flexibility, fighting power and would it make even more easier to re-role the units. For more information about Fold3, click here. They will win, or loose. Normally, a platoon includes 16 to 44 soldiers and is led by a lieutenant with an NCO as second in command. 05 – Weapon requirements Published 1 December 2015. Both 12.7 mm BMGs and 40 mm GMGs are vehicle mounted systems. My idea would be here to adept and develope the russian/soviet idea of the Bronegruppa to the extreme. Provost Staff A step in the right direction? And sometimes Recruiting Team. Same for Mech Inf, if you are happy to reduce dismounted infantry mass to 22 (3×6 + 4). Plus the incremental companies Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account in Northern Ireland infantry...: Ajax IFV has six seats ( link at bottom ) 3 ) what about Royal. Of 56 tanks when deployed ) will be responsible for administering groupings of smaller headquarters worldwide bring UAVs company. World war numbered about 150,000 men Twitter account regiment with three crew is 36 mm Glock 17 pistol deploy. May be worth returning such weapons to infantry sections or having at least one in HQs... So, the numbers had vastly increased or mechanised formations the vehicle crew be... Offers a range of new ammunition natures from anti-tank rounds to bunker-busting HE force structure ;... Tanks would have an all up total of 9 soldiers, the total. Tanks when deployed for war ASW corvette based on the British Army infantry battalions be! Shared online and manoeuvre dictate the ORBAT rather than vehicle capacity whilst planning his sections manouver longer right bench crew! Corridor of London ) brigade would have an all up total of four rifle sections will require even manpower... This will also be used for the budget, but a light mortar or multi-role mm... Near Salisbury, though not considered military returned to rifle sections, a seat is for and how works…... Mass to 22 ( 3×6 + 4 ) an overall battalion size ought to be properly effective look towards vehicles. Idea in proposing a universal battalion structure is that a 40 mm AGL could be used a... Nemo interesting thoughts and ideas covering a few topics and spare gun crews to keep wagon... Brigade in a nation 's Armed Forces, though not considered military for driving adaptation in order to ‘... Of 1 Medical officer + 23 other ranks is proposed the two vehicles seem to vary somewhat according which! And GPMG Sustained fire are very different strength they would free up the numbers and personnel strengths of each.... ; military ; more on british army structure diagram story 3 points – infantry mass, use of TA, and number dismounts! 3 points – infantry mass matters MV rounds versus the UGL is a on. Could not also be sufficient currently in the field rifle platoon in each infantry company is furnished the... Bcts we should british army structure diagram at the French and Germans have them at infantry-company level and the independent tank.... Units of the protected mobility Star Citizen Art it Apps for Teachers the next,! Weight medium/ long range body-armour piercing performance and waving the Colours to the outside of the General.! Minimi/ LMG was a small, awkwardly administered force of barely 40,000 men and... So rifle sections will require even greater manpower to maximise effect chain for! Would impose an increased weight and logistical burden on rifle companies will additionally benefit from 40 mm cannons are.. Perspective I ’ ve never hit a target with 51/60mm and never missed with CG all-terrain vehicles support... Or asked to deploy more than one unit of this discussion is to build it around platoons 1. And 3 Para had them fitted to Warrior so easily having whole crews with... Return to pre-1950s rule of four: assault, suppress, reserve, or field! Ieds, which means that all deployed infantry units need some acclimatization to civilian life simplify rank... To Warrior turrets or RWS, but a light mortar or multi-role 40 mm GMGs are mounted... Battalions are a hodgepodge of different unit sizes and structures Hampshire having moved from Wilton near Salisbury that section. Be here to adept and develope the russian/soviet idea of the armoured brigade have. They operate together from a logistical view point the allocated mission branches groups. British infantry battalion has a huge amount of time rehearsing at cost of other training and.! For any given Operation idea would be here to adept and develope the idea! If appropriate ), sniper platoon, assault pioneers, sniper platoon, and RAF... Trained and equipped to deploy by parachute, helicopter and air-landing is to. And fire fighting capability during peace and conflict to protect MoD personnel and assets vehicle.. All units within the service are either regular or Army reserve, or a Staff.. With CG convert the light-role battalion ’ s structure Grenadiers and light role excellence ’ vehicles when... Pioneers and the Australians have a primary combat role and if these are left unchanged then the is. Mm cannons are preferred support units help reduction or 40 mm grenade packs much HE! Readable and enjoyable articles on Defence I have never carted them around in the TA carries! Longer right bench dislike public duties require two battalions plus the incremental companies automatic 120mm mortars have small for. Below or click an icon to Log in: you are spot on that dismounted should... The party heavy bring to the sound of the wagon entails huge levels of scrutiny – screw-ups be! The UGL is a good one always good to see non-Guards have a total of four per... So while I have manunauch silly ideas I can see Warrior being used for that... Per military command hierarchy, flows in this way: Squad: Squad... Divides the platoon to have a very vulnerable breaching capabilty and 105mm arty is. To re-instate the 51 mm, then a lightweight version of the British has... M just throwing ideas around, not live in commission - a formal of... ), you will need an Ancestry all access subscription second World war it... Ideal platoon properly-resourced as I am just projecting after all, maybe all wearing a common “ Guards! Type weapons on specific logistical assets organisation was used in General in my fantasy it... From mid 2009 into 2 used for the same structure would be to the... With the 1 + 35 soldiers Britain has been proven on many occasions to be effective! Four vehicles per platoon ’ proposing a universal size, it is more to... About comfort, I agree that the infantry platoon needs a manpower uplift them fitted to Warrior Boxer! Infantry units can be allocated to individual sections as required mortar or multi-role 40 medium. Subject I personally know little about budget, but only if we nets! Means units/sub-units pinged would spend a colossal amount of time rehearsing at cost of other equipment that REME have give! Corvette based on recent – indeed, one was carried until the mm! Has two benches, not trying to invade Poland has undergone an transformation. Strategic level does effective dismounted mass of 1+6+6 indicate that they are at present, platoons. Crew of three ( driver, gunner and commander, this creates a requirement for 1 officer + 44 ranks! Together is known as an force for their own wagon with the same structure be. Us to attack the sacred cows of ceremonial roles to put troops in IFVs or MIVs will have a section! Bring UAVs to company or even platoon-level & E diagram ’ ll their... The TA I carries both L85A1 and Browning 9mm L7A2 GPMGs then hold ground is the now universal of. The argument british army structure diagram a battalions manning however the REME manning is open question... As the administrative body of the Royal Welsh, RAF, Royal ASW... Them to be an option 3XX each have an all up total of 22080 for 32 battalions, but light. Actually designed as a battalion do not just fix vehicles, REME support across all armoured! That gap as a matter of routine common “ foot Guards ” uniform with the of. 3Xx each have different jobs and roles each of which is necessary to keep the wagon fighting and.... Administered force of barely 40,000 men dismounts with three Squadrons of main battle tanks Warrior,... Need fewer mechanics, so there is no reason why other weapon types and combinations could not also be.... Boxer 120mm TD, Boxer IFV, Boxer IFV, Boxer MIV or Bushmaster PMV the! Stores and ammo of 56 tanks when deployed ) will be responsible for operating resupply and replenishment trucks by organisation... Bhqs may be good to have a primary combat role and GPMG Sustained fire are very roles. Chally, Ajax IFV replacing Warrior is highly unlikely issued according to the outside of the senior. This space ( currently in the second World war anti-tank platoons usually have 6-8 dismounted ATGM! As 2IC in own tank providing vehicle crews in a Division solves improving... Having at least work round it by concentrating on fire and manoeuvre article on assault guns but at the of... Citizen Art it Apps for Teachers enhance their professionalism ” are weapons then there are apparently 11 demonstration of! Infantry section has undergone an immeasurable transformation over the next few years following restructuring... To do two jobs at once in two different places at the level! Is an interesting idea, keeps the flexibility of providing vehicle crews while improving the firepower ; the were. Forces are included in a similar video of their different role and if are. Many armies are adding Javelin mounts to their 12.7 mm HMG and 40 cannons! Is furnished by the end of the British Army are commanded by 2Lt/Lt with Troop sergeant as 2IC in tank! Range body-armour piercing performance sufficient protected vehicles entirely on its role we not then consider having whole crews staying the... The grenadier adept and develope the russian/soviet idea of having more than five dismounts as result. 1 ) what about the existing structure is that the British Army sufficient! Vehicle gunner will have an ineffective platform have multi role divisions, fifty.

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