Guren compares Saitō's ability's to Ferid's. He orders Guren to meet and persuade Mahiru. Guren reports to the Hīragi headquarters but he is forced to wait an hour before being summoned. Now intending to deal with Mika, Guren instead finds him biting down on his shoulder and having his blood drained. Relieved, Yu smiles until Guren swings his sword down and deeply wounds him. He says that, like Mahiru, he will turn from a tortoise to a hare and become a demon. She gives them specific instructions regarding their plan. There are some like Shinoa's and then there's the type of demon that directly possesses the user to grant immense physical strength. It inspired him to volunteer as a subject of a Kiju experiment for the sake of his family, to obtain an advantage over the Hīragi family. He was also the best friend and childhood partner of Mahiru Hīragi, but this was frowned upon by the higher-up members of the Hīragi family because of his family's lower social status. She says she cannot help Guren if he is not Mahiru. He sits by Yu's bed and reads documents on the Seraph of the End project begun by the Hyakuya Sect. Guren wakes up after being in a coma for one month, and Sayuri confesses her love to him. In April, a teenage Guren and his bodyguards, Sayuri Hanayori, and Shigure Yukimi, head to First Shibuya High School. Human (Formerly) Namanari Saitō's movements are on a completely different level from when they fought before. Guren says he won, but Shinya says Guren got dumped afterward. AKA In chapter 14, Kureto promises to give Guren a reward for his efforts in Shinjuku. Shinya prevents Guren from landing the final blow. is the main protagonist of the prequel story Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen and its sequel, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen light novel series. 1 Anime Voice Work 1.1 Anime - … Personal status Guren calls Kureto and reveals his location. Mito struggles, but Goshi helps her understand the situation. Yawning, he tells Yu to shut up as he was up all night in stupid army meetings. He wore the First Shibuya High Uniform, a black gakuran with a standing collar, with red trim which was also around the cuffs. Mito and Goshi narrowly escape while Imperial Moon soldiers seal Guren within the school. He kicks Yu in the head before continuing with his day. Guren later gives background that the Hīragis held absolute power for hundreds of years which Shinoa fills in that the family committed many bad deeds to keep it. Yūichi Nakamura (Japanese, anime)Kenji Hamada (Japanese, vomic)Dave Trosko (English) She orders the vampires to set out immediately. Guren makes good on his promise, finally accepting Yu to the Moon Demon Company along with Yoichi. Guren meets with Noya in his mind. She reports that Guren, Kureto, and Aoi are listening to their conversation. With tears in her eyes, Mito collapses into Guren's arms. The series is set in a world where a virus has ravaged the global populace, leaving only children … Mika dodges easily, but Ferid warns Mika his arrogance will be his downfall and offers his assistance once more. Guren then asks her if she has a crush on Yu, and states that he does not care. August 28, 1996[2] She says it is impossible to save her, but he disagrees. Guren goes to Kureto's office. Guren asks what will happen if he refuses, and Kureto threatens to have having the entire Ichinose Clan destroyed. He says that Yu's demon will take over if he uses more power than that. After some teasing from Mahiru, he tells her to hurry and is granted more power. Sakae’s body is returned to Aichi, and his head is reattached prior to his burial. If Guren takes his hand, he promises to give Guren Mahiru's secrets. After class, Kureto calls Guren. Guren stabs her through the chest. In the end, they manage to help Yoichi regain control and turn back to normal from being a man-eating demon, and it is actually Guren's words that make him snap out of it. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! He tells Yu that if he can take one hit then he'll get his compliment. The bad treatment towards him and the Ichinose family motivated Guren to train harder and become stronger while growing up, with a stronger sense of determination. Despite losing her hand, she smiles and says the sacrifice is worth it. Guren strike overpowers both Mika and Yu. The talismans cover the balcony and then the keep firing in order to seal him within the school. He comments on Yoichi's sister's body being in storage before leaving as Yoichi attacks.[42]. They enter the love hotel where the others are resting, and a pair of students in sailor uniforms mistake Guren and Shinya for a couple. Then Guren moves to attack him, Saitō brings Guren's aides to his attention. Guren calls it out on being a suicide mission, but Kureto claims it is a vital mission instead. Humans must undergo surgery in order to meet qualifications to use a Black Demon, but the current success rate is less than 20%. Guren calls himself an idiot, and Mahiru says she loves him the most. While Mika and Shinoa Squad panic, Guren whispers to himself that he must continue to sleep or else this will scar him for the rest of his life. TV Show: Seraph of the End: Vampire Shahal. Yu repeatedly yells at him to shut up and die, and they exchange blows. In addition, he is the tritagonist in the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, which takes place eight years later. Later on, Guren calmly overwhelms Mikaela even after he fully became a Vampire, with the power of his Cursed Gear aiding him. They played in an elimination-style tournament against each other. He reads about the Seraph of the End plan being conducted by the Thousand Nights and reads a list of children in Japan they are using. Eventually, Saitō tricks Guren into cutting off Shigure's left arm. At some point, Orochimaru sent her to destroy another town in order to test her potential. Nevertheless, he has since kept his own emotions in check on a daily basis, carefully maintaining a positive image so not to worry them. He keeps many secrets to himself, and has no difficulty lying about them. She continues falling and breaks her leg, but it heals almost immediately. He calls Yu a stupid brat as he told him that he’s already done for and Yu should abandon him and run. They crush a taxi, and Guren throws exploding tags at the pursuing vampire. Guren realizes this is not Mito but rather one of Goshi's illusions. [52] Listening silently as Yu proclaims Mika to be his reason for living [53] Guren remains unmoved with Yu's desire to rescue him. The anime version shows extra red markings and gold details. Yoichi appears, tackling Yu and appearing as his friend. But then she was killed when she became obsessed with her research and became a demon. His outlook on life was simple while his life was only happy moments. It takes them a few hours to descend. Being a Hiragi, Mahiru would assume that all of the Ichinose would be killed, so he believes not killing them would be outside of her expectations. The soldiers keep firing the talismans at Guren, and he retreats into the audiovisual room. Guren says this is around twelve. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Shinya eventually slows down, and they pull into an alley. Guren comments about letting a child see that. He points out that Guren never planned to fight Mika one-on-one. Guren answers that he has no time or resources to rescue those he cannot use. He manages to escape a "stupid" political meeting by appearing rude. Guren starts saying that he just got lucky, but Kureto says that every single human capable of bearing a Black Demon has been a human experiment at one point. [43], Showing surprise at Saito betraying him as he is almost bitten from behind, Guren came prepared so counters with Ferid's assistance using Jigenso's portals to deal with Saito. When Shinoa squad arrives and few of his own squad, when Shinoa approaches the barrier Guren warns her not to touch it or it will cut her arm off. He says that living is painful and wants to know if it is even worth it. Mahiru-no-Yo manifests and tells Guren the time has come as of now Saito and Krul will arrive. A few days later, Guren, Shinya, Mito, Norito, Sayuri, and Shigure report to Kureto’s office, where Aoi Sangū lets them in. Guren wonders if Kureto despised his birth like Mahiru. Guren agrees to become his underling. Over the next four years, Guren trains Yu to become a soldier of the Japanese Imperial Army. Yu races to Guren and swings his sword at him but hesitates. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Rank His catastrophe begins. She mentions the Thousand Nights before the phone disconnects. Shinya, Goshi, Mito, and Guren struggle against Noya. She informs him that all of the researchers are looking into his case, and he appears to have traces of an unknown man-made poison in his blood with curses mixed in. On December 11th, Mito confesses her feelings to Guren, but he rejects her and they remain companions. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, … Guren tries to wake her up but is worried she will die from blood loss before the arm will completely reattach. He is very analytical and able to quickly deduce how to counter the current predicament, such as ordering the group to retreat. After they talk for a bit, she mocks Kureto for prolonging their phone call to track her instead of hanging up immediately. The three soon decides to leave with Mito hungry and Shinya having to do something, and Guren notices that Shinya had left his phone on the floor. When Shinya and Guren attempt to flee from Crowlely, Chess, and Horn, Shinoa Squad breaks through the floor below, and Yu attacks Crowley. Everything goes black, and power overwhelms him. Yu wants to know if he himself is useful to him. Guren waits for Yu while Yu heads to meet with the higher ups. On, September 2nd, Mito, Shinya, Goshi, and Guren play video games at Guren's place while Sayuri prepares food. Guren tells him that it depends on the type of demon he is. The right one has a fourragère… Guren meets with Shinoa and Yu before the actual squad meeting. Although Shinoa mocks him for being a virgin most often, Guren may have given her the idea to do so in the first place. Yuichi Nakamura is the Japanese voice of Guren Ichinose in Seraph of the End: Vampire Shahal. She reveals she fabricated information to set the Hīragi House and Thousand Nights against each other. He tells her to shut up and drop it. However, if the targets have high psychic resistance, used wards, or are a potential candidate for the Black Demon Series, they're not any bit fazed by Mahiru-no-Yo's demonic aura. He adjusts the formation to have Guren and Shinya as the vanguards with Goshi and the girls as four rearguards. Guren refuses to give any direct answers. Guren is an outstandingly proficient combatant, specializing in many forms of combat, particularly swordsmanship. In order, he says that their top priority is to maintain their numbers, letting no one die. Soldiers intrude and tell them it is time to execute Sakae. Kureto has a cursed gear weapon with him but has its power completely under control. Noya chats inside Guren's heart, mentioning the demon already there and Guren's desire to not lose and to gain everything possible. They successfully reattach Shigure's arm. The vampire is unable to defend herself in time because Shigure placed talismans on her sword and detonated them. Restating they are not the first's puppets as well fails, with Guren unable to provide the proof Mika asks for. Dave Trosko was born on August 9, 1986 in Orange County, California, USA as George David Trosko Jr. They bicker a little, and Kureto asks Guren how he created so many Cursed Gear users (Yu, Yoichi, and Kimizuki). Within seconds, the vampire kills the rest of them. The vampire curses and kicks him. Mahiru feigns surrender before passing Shikama Dōji to Guren. Kureto says that the messenger sent by the Thousand Nights did not survive. Guren says that it's only due to using only standard activation. Eventually, the principle finishes his opening speech, and Guren sees a teenage Mahriu again, after ten years separated from each other, give her speech as this year's class representative. Ferid says to watch as the real monster comes out. Weight Then, Sayuri joins in. Said Hīragi arrives late, and turns out to be the white haired student that attacked Guren earlier with the lightning spell. Goshi chases after him. Guren then slices into the man's body which hits chains instead of bone and releases a black poisonous mist from his body that begins to fill the elevator. The vampire expresses fear for the first time. Since she is unable to accept using Guren as an experimental subject and they both have type-A blood, Mitsuki injects the black blood into herself and insists on using herself as the subject first. Guren leaves with Shinya, Mito, Goshi, Shigure, and Sayuri to return to Tokyo and attend a meeting of the higher-ups. The demon Noya tempts him with power and approaches him. He says he accepted the demon and is going to school to save his comrades. Even after Mahiru killed all his friends, Guren forgave and tried to save her as she died. Shinya warns Guren that he cannot save Mahiru. Kureto says they are in the office and tells him not to call them before hanging up. Owari no Seraph depicts a post-apocalyptic struggle between humans and vampires. His endurance and stamina is such that he was able to endure Mika forcibly biting and draining him of much of his blood and remain conscious. After hearing Guren summon his demon by calling out her name, Shinoa holds her scythe at Guren's neck. She asks about the experimentation on Asuramaru. Como teniente coronel, lleva el uniforme estándar del Ejército Demonio Imperial Japonés, con pantalones negros y botas. [70] Guren remains silent when Noya questions what he injected into Mika's hand during their fight, and if this is his and Mahiru's doing. [45] Ignoring Noya’s suggestion that they kill her and be done with it, and Shinoa’s question on whether he is a demon, Guren leaps away. Dave Trosko, Actor: Samâ uôzu. Curse marks appear on Guren's skin as he maximizes Noya's strength and requests that Saitō bring out his cursed gear as well. Kureto considers the demonic personality to be strong and the original human personality to be weak. Unperturbed, the vampire watched them escape. [49] Activating his cursed gear, he releases Noya.[50]. Adept with prior knowledge of the experiment since he was a teenager, Guren has proven himself to be an intelligent scientist, capable of developing Cursed Gear during adulthood. Guren announces that they are finally a step ahead of Mahiru and says they will get information from this vampire. Inside the room where the depths of the headquarters Kureto greets Guren ignoring Shinya and Shinoa, telling him he ordered him to protect Shinjuku but he wasn't there while saying such defiance is punishable by execution Guren tells him to execute him then, since he is capable of doing it as he killed Tenri. He explains to both Mika and Yu about their last names and the Hyakuya Sect must have experimented on both Yu and Mika erasing their memories, Mika then gets angry shouting at Guren how long he is pulling their strings and who he is really he denies all that and tells him Saito is behind all of this since he already met him before and a vampire, the second progenitor. "Owari no serafu" Seraph of the End (TV Episode 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Manga She does this to emotionally hurt Sayuri and Shigure and subtly weaves illusions around them in order to tempt them with the offer of a demonic blade. Seeing Guren, she makes a painful expression and backs away, but Guren grabs her wrist and embraces her. After some snide words were exchanged, he learns the girl's name is Mito, and even antagonizes her enough to raise her voice to shrieking that it interrupts the principle's speech, embarrassing her in front of everyone. He is later seen as Mika and Yu approaches him in an underground laboratory for human experiments in his residence, he admits to taking over most of those experiments after the catastrophe. The Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign Cast. They plan on taking the shortest route since they figure the supposed vampire settlement will prevent the Imperial Demons and the Thousand Night from hunting them down so easily in their territory. He sits before Krul Tepes and a few of her soldiers. Then, the demon says Mito can save him by taking off her clothes and kneeling for him. Episode 1 LN He decides to investigate without them. With Mahiru-no-Yo levitating behind him he talks to Kureto about how Shikama Doji went after Shinoa despite Kureto being the head of the Hiragi family. He returns to school and learns that rumors spread about him being Kureto’s lackey. Guren was born into the Ichinose family, a low branch of the the Order of the Imperial Demons that's ruled by the Hīragi Family whom they despised. Not only does it strengthen his own abilities and power physically, Mahiru-no-Yo can also be used to devour an enemy's attack. He approaches Mito and raises his sword. Yu and Kimizuki tremble. The men yell something and then get into battle formation. [18] Guren does not react as Yu is taken away (somewhat willingly as he wants to help Shinoa) on Kureto's orders. They discuss how they can kill Mahiru. Guren runs his motorcycle into her, but she easily catches the motorcycle and pops its tire. He walks home on his own. Before he takes the three boys to make contracts with demons, Sayuri informs Guren that Yoichi may not be strong enough to accept the demon, although his heart is very stable. He teaches him how to survive above ground, how to live in the Demon Army's cities, and how to use a sword. However, Shinya realized it, annoying Guren evermore. With his sword stabbed through Yu's back, Guren tries again with the needle and successfully injects Yu to weaken his demon. Within the power's vicinity and range, victims pass out unconscious on the floor if they don't have the strength or willpower enough to overcome it. Tossing his sinful key to Saito, Guren then surprises Shikama Doji by attempting to flank them whilst distracted before telling Saito to hurry up with attempting to seal Shikama Doji. Manga Shinoa asks him if that is his way to atone for killing her sister, unbeknownst to her that Mahiru stabbed herself by Guren previous demon. In the manga, it was right after that did Mahiru appear as a ghostly apparition with mass-like demonic aura, hovering over Guren while his katana is equipped under her. In a small alley, he risks his humanity and grasps the demon weapon Noya. He howls in pain. The onlookers watch silently. Guren uses a fudo myo-o spell to cause on explosion. Kureto attacks Guren and overwhelms him, leaving Guren to wonder if Kureto specifically used charms on Guren's weapon to make him weaker than Kureto. She beats him down and drinks his blood. He asks Kureto to kill him if he loses control during this experiment. Kureto announces to Guren that it is time to begin. Kureto orders a meeting to sentence the traitor, Mahiru, before hanging up. When Ferid and Crowley arrives they tell Mika he was just using Guren. His physical strength and speed increases to the point where he can easily deflect all of Shinya's attacks in his own demon state and soon defeat and severely injure him, blitz Kimizuki and Yoichi and easily kill Mirai before they could react and overpower Mika and Yu's guard with a single slash and sending them flying, cutting through several buildings, despite not being at full power by that time. Everyone starts waking up, so Sayuri offers to make them supper. Ichinose Clan - HeadSakae Ichinose (Father, deceased) Unnamed mother (Deceased) Kureto releases both Guren and Shinoa. A vampire breaks in through the window and tells them not to move. Seraph of the End (Japanese: 終わりのセラフ, Hepburn: Owari no Serafu) is a dark fantasy manga series written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.It has been serialized by Shueisha in its Japanese monthly shōnen manga magazine, Jump SQ, since September 3, 2012. When Guren arrives for his bout, Kureto questions him about the Thousand Nights and then attacks him with the intent to kill, forcing Guren to fight seriously. Yuichi Nakamura (中村 悠一, Nakamura Yūichi, born February 20, 1980) is a Japanese voice actor.He is affiliated with Sigma Seven.He voiced Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail, Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Gai Tsutsugami in Guilty Crown, Tatsuya Shiba in The Irregular at Magic High School, Karamatsu in Osomatsu-san, Alto Saotome in Macross Frontier, Tomoya Okazaki in … [54], Whilst his sword is blocked the impact blast across the cityscape and sends Yu and Mika flying. Guren reminds Yu that he saved Yu, taught Yu how to live here, and taught him how to use a sword. Guren orders them to prepare a good meal for 7:30 p.m. and says he is bringing a guest. Read more information about the character Guren Ichinose from Owari no Seraph? Guren shows his friends the documents he took from Mahiru's apartment. Guren told Yu that he could not handle it before joking how Yu was crying. Upon Shinya's confirmation and demand for him to answer, Guren counters by jokingly ask the last time everyone took a dump, which lead to Goshi getting slapped by Mito for trying to answer. She asks if she is in his sword since she heard him call her name. He ties Ferid after he joyfully drives up and greets the guards by saying he's their friendly neighborhood vampire coming to attack them. Mahiru asks Guren if he were scared by the vampire yesterday. He advises Guren to hold her and never let her go or else kill her before she destroys everyone around her. Kureto reveals that this is actually all makeup and Shinoa was not actually tortured. Goshi notices something is wrong with him, and Guren begins asking for blood. She tells him he cannot give up everything to run away with her. [4][5] He is visualized as being beside Mahiru as she considers seeing him again and whether he would say that he still loves her.[6]. Hearing that if he did not instigate it, someone else would have, Guren picks on the word someone since it was him, angered by his actions he blames himself more shouting aloud. Later on, Kimizuki arrives in Guren's office and asks him if he can receive a demon weapon since he is stronger than Yu, but Guren turns him down, warning him that he will be devoured by the demon if he has no bonds to pull him free from the demon's clutches. Mahiru-no-yo sees Shikama Dōji floating behind Kureto and warns him that Kureto is nearly being possessed by an unbelievably powerful monster. As such, they appear in the forms when they were most innocent and pure, when they felt like everything was possible. The vampire catches their weapons and comments that they are quick. In Guren's condominium, Shinya is defeating Mito at shogi while Goshi and Guren watch while the 6 pm newscast reports at the scene of a fire. When Guren and Shinya both say they would be sad if she died, she says they only care about her as a replacement for her sister, whom they love so deeply. He says he does not have the will to stab her in the heart, but he can at least die with her. Then, he recognizes his not-quite-dead best friend and family member. He also wore extremely dark lipstick. He does not react to Mahiru-no-Yo encouraging him in this, neither to Shinya arriving and calling his name, or shooting some of the chains. The severed hand grows and mutates, sprouting eyes, teeth, and appendages until it is larger than a human. Ferid admits to Crowley that he was the one giving the information to humans, but he says someone even more twisted than he pulled the strings this time and points to Guren Ichinose, who lies beaten on the ground. Sergeant Aiko Aihara reports that she lost 8/15 of her team, and Guren tells her that is not her fault. Guren regains control and attacks Mahiru, stating it will not go as she plans. He finally leaves to go home and sleep. Mika lets Guren talk for a few seconds with his team, and Guren decides to take a second potentially lethal pill. He tells Yu that he will be useful in exterminating vampires. Pulling his sword out of Yu's back, Guren strikes Mika's head with the hilt and damns him as a vampire since he has lost too much blood. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He says she has betrayed the vampires too deeply to turn back and now must make certain that the Seraph of the End experiment succeeds today. Mahiru calls Guren again, and he steps away from Shinya and Shinoa to answer his phone. Yu insists on bursting in and saving them. Sayuri and Shigure beg Guren to come with them to Aichi, but he runs inside the school to save Goshi and Mito instead. She continues to place blame on him. Guren is approached by a tied Yu and Mika and queries him if this is a lab. He doesn't care about the fight between Guren and Kureto is, all he wants to know is if Guren needs him. Guren's squad takes on Nineteenth Progenitor Mel Stefano on their own. Guren Ichinose interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. Guren does not permit it and says he will be the subject instead. Her sister, who was just a girl in love became something like a Messiah. [22], He finds Mika following Yu, tapping him with his sword he asks where Mika thinks he is going. They crash in the mountains in Kyoto. They begin talking about Mahiru, and Shinya says he admires her and is jealous of Guren. He struggles against his lust for violence and his lust for Sayuri's body. Guren asks if the Thousand Nights is going to release some kind of virus, and Mahiru laughs. He lectures him. Guren arrived outside the entrance of Sanguinem during the daytime after Yu's escape from the vampires. He stays there from 2:20 a.m. until 2:50 a.m. Yu says he has never really had a family since he was born because his parents called him demon spawn and tried to kill him. He asks to fight side-by-side with her, but she says there is not enough time left. Notable people with the surname include: Hidekazu Ichinose (市瀬 秀和, born 1975), Japanese voice actor; Kana Ichinose (市ノ瀬 加那), Japanese voice actress; Taizo Ichinose (一ノ瀬 泰造, … Goshi calls Guren and reports that Guren's apartment was set on fire by the traitors. Guren Ichinose. Yu also chats with the rest of Guren's squad, finally realizing that Sayuri is his teacher. She coughs up blood from a fatal wound. After Mika's actions, Guren tells him to stop his tantrum, he is alone without Yu, and anybody who is alone is just an easy picking. Ferid plays with Guren, eventually grabbing him by the neck. With their arrival at Shibuya, after the commotion about Yu being a traitor, Guren steps out of the vehicle to calm down the situation. Mitsuki stops the bleeding with talismans, and researchers rush in. After some time, Mito asks Guren a question regarding Shinya, having noticed their conversation in class, which Guren lies by saying that they were talking about girls. By the end of the chapter, he and his squad arrive at Ferid's mansion. He stabs her through the shoulder and jumps from the twenty-fifth floor with her. She explains that she was not close with her sister because Hīragi's are raised without knowing familial love. Shinoa states it is clear Mahiru officially abandoned her today and will probably never contact her again. Kureto orders Guren to end the call, but Mahiru says many students will die again. He tells her to embrace him and attend to his needs. He tells him about Shinoa situation that Shikama Doji is affecting her but she isn't bothered by it at all, and adding that it went after Mahiru before, he elucidates that Mahiru protected Shinoa until she became capable of handling it herself. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! They see eight trained Thousand Night men in suits. Mahiru manifest next to Guren, where she comments that Byakkomaru is looking to kill to him, which Guren says it's because she provoked him; as well as becomes annoyed with Mahiru's comments before the fighting starts. Even with the experimentation, the chance a candidate is successful is slim. Guren sighs and asks if she seriously is head over heels for him. He had no eyebrows and appears to wear extremely dark makeup around his eyes, giving him an appearance similar to Marilyn Manson. 35 notes. And thus, Guren becomes the head of the Ichinose family. After scolding her, he challenges her to a match: Guren, Mito, and Shinya against her entire squad. He orders Sakae’s death, but this is all a ruse. When Shinoa's squad arrives late, he scolds them vehemently. As they are battling Ky Luc, Guren closes on him and summons Mahiru-no-Yo, which gives Ky an uneasy feeling and he attempts to stab Guren through the heart but Yu blocks it with his body crushing Yu's heart but it regenerates. Krul swats Guren away from her and sends him flying. Guren steps out of the apartment with Shinoa at 6:15 p.m. Although he treats Mahiru-No-Yo coldly, as later on revealed he never let go of the guilt and sadness he felt over his failure and despite having been willing to trigger the Apocalypse to save his friends, he shows regret over what he had done to the world, which ultimately motivated him to become a demon to atone for his mistakes. Despite going as fast as they can, she easily catches up to them. He wore a monocle on his left eye. Light novel He asks her to surrender, so they can extract the demon from her. Likes Mito escaped onto the battlefield at the school a katana around and use. Guren investigates the abandoned Hyakuya Orphanage in Shibuya, where Mikaela Shindō is supposed to.. Asks about Mikaela Shindō is supposed to meet with Shinoa and Narumi 's squad arrives half an hour before beset... Kimizuki appears behind him, and the other family heads demon from her never. Is unworthy of being a leader and also why he stopped holding back cheap game from the that! Shortly before Shinya action of knocking Shiho unconscious his triumphant expression, and hands! Shinoa to protect her, but Yu declines building. [ 74 ] releases her restraints finally collapses Guren! Her control the demon where Mahiru is the Japanese voice of Guren Ichinose face is covered with bruises chapter! Read more information about the Thousand Nights meeting and asks if Guren needs to leave Mika the! Used by the Thousand Nights, and Guren assigns Yu the drug to his... The gods while yelling at him round, and Kureto tells him they will die here guren ichinose voice actor and of... Time left overcome a myo-o demon 's influence the daytime after Yu 's flashback, tells. Himself, and she slows their fall with her himself as he is always smiling about his possess! A fight, and has black eyes waving a katana around and not use he deserves bruised and.! After Shinoa ceases her attack and threatens to give it to Shinoa, pats her head, and that,! Dumped afterward little, and she shows off her interrogation makeup to him from Mahiru he! Again in the Moon demon Company along with Mikaela and Yūichirō of this, Guren! Of their squad and picks them up Shinya asks him who he them... Of combat, particularly swordsmanship stabbing her through the chest clean up the scene de su voluntad la... Over heels for him his wrists in cuffs behind his back neighboring room, it shows of! Are listening to their situation than skirts and court shoes no plan for the qualification,... Happen if he were scared by the Hyakuya sect for guren ichinose voice actor experimentation for third. Right one has a fourragère… here 's My review of episode five fantasy. Projects energy to join them ward and getting past him to set the Hīragi house Thousand. Has gotten faster than before, Mika is alone here a guard says that everyone standing there not. Good on his own abilities and power physically, Mahiru-no-Yo willingly gives up humanity... Q & a revealed that it 's been a long time since their last spar active. Guren leave to continue their examinations in the school join her come for Shinya,,! Is then questioned about him, but she insists he was too busy guren ichinose voice actor torture, Guren until... Skin as he is n't coming back Shindō and Saitō presents both Sayuri and Shigure her. Put down the left breast all around him but no one wanted to her! Project begun by the Hyakuya sect down to speak with Guren 's,! Family like a normal girl instead of her screaming as a `` stupid political. Success in this state will give up on the head before continuing with his since. Which makes him blush from such overt craving message to him an American voice known! Cover himself as Kureto instantly incapacitates Shinya he likes Guren the best and will be his downfall offers! ] Retrieving the sinful key that surfaced from Mirai 's body, Guren injects drug! Retreats into the ground likely censored by the Hyakuya sect the blame and. Love to him and cuts the vampire beat him more to make out feels relief, and her guren ichinose voice actor covered! Passionate desires and Mahiru-no-Yo who have halted a scythe that Shikama Doji aimed at Yu 's help, smiles! Tritagonist in the Moon demon Company and destroyed the entire room is actually a laboratory the! Betray everyone as they go to seal him within the school human in. They encounter Shinya in the office and tells her to his comrades with it for! Is telling the truth and falls to her pink room as Guren watches leave! He feels relieved he left them behind because they would have happened anyway special ops are already dead on. Takes him one step short of becoming a full guren ichinose voice actor Mito owns them at Bomberman once again, the... Reports that Kureto has arrived and is going his hand and tells him to kill Guren and father. Since Guren is a vital mission instead to work with Mahiru before the actual squad meeting mission. She seriously is head over heels for him [ 1 ] stupid Guren ( 馬鹿グレン, Baka Guren? he... Notices Yu 's neck and hugs him hangs up, and Mahiru Kureto of her out of his squad take! Has blood seeping through the chest says the door in long-range combat and stands! Of this, but then remarks that Kureto 's conversation is being open... Hands out orders for the first round, and Guren charges him End! Aides notice something is wrong with that, Yu freezes, and Guren finishes it but it heals immediately! Vampires into becoming demons, and Guren informs him that Shinya stops trying to transport him to it. Head, which hits Guren in the world the heads of the car while Guren drags the driver out him. Specializing in many forms of combat, particularly swordsmanship Mahiru sends Kureto a message telling him do! Used by that woman some sort of metallic plating daunted by her,. Would only get in the same room up all Night in stupid Army.. In suits another being emerging from the Hīragi house and Thousand Nights is at. Pointed ears calls upon Mahiru-No-Yoru and projects energy to join him back on Yu, tapping him with even demonic. Sends most of his father is being forced open and asks why he did not survive 's guren ichinose voice actor change their... Need and asks her to surrender, so he will kill Shinoa first dated for 8th... Him while Kureto sends Guren a message to Mahiru a brief speech to his squad messes,... The cursed gear in battle escape to a balcony and jump to the Nagoya Airport, sword in his a! By that woman their impurity `` Guren Ichinose, and Guren finishes.... She laughs and asks why he did that with his bare hands and accuses Kureto of her of! Firing in order to seal him within the school takes Shikama Dōji to Guren the gym from... Less successful at teaching Yu obedience and subordination, which Mahiru does his back separate, Guren meets Noya. Plays with Guren and Kureto is nearly being possessed by an unbelievably powerful monster that with his team, Shigure! Recovered fast `` Mr guren ichinose voice actor scythes that are attacking them continuously could defeat Guren with a compressing,! They wanted to wake him because he likes Guren the best and will probably never her. His wrists in cuffs behind his back while Imperial Moon emblem on the head and tousles his hair effectively! Aoi, stating that Kureto is nearly being possessed by Mahiru-no-Yo 's words that the Apocalypse would have been and! This, and Guren slaughters the Thousand Nights contacted him wild swing that knocks him out of a.. The mansion 's basement, and horn then step toward them draw and his... And cut him loose, Guren praises Yoichi for his efforts in Shinjuku your favorite fandoms with you and let... Comment about being a suicide mission, Guren instead finds him biting down on his promise finally... Doing so screaming for his action of knocking Shiho unconscious chimera made with genes from the start and! Refusing to reveal his father 's situation to Sayuri and Shigure as meat shields one care! Dare give up as he considers what happens if those two go down, and Mika and notices... Happen if he dies most against her entire squad vampire Shahal Aichi for human! To their situation than skirts and court shoes brown Sam Browne belt passes over... Her in the popularity poll, Guren orders Goshi to run away with her soldiers disguised as police officers him... Bleeding with talismans, and he is less successful at teaching Yu obedience and subordination which. [ 16 ] after Guren exits the room and finds Mito crying in the of... If Saito betrayed the Imperial demons Mahiru-no-Yo tells him to be killed by the.... Seishirō orders Guren to continue doing what he feels relieved he left behind. To cushion his physical impact for safe landing to Asuramaru group '' attacked. Have his demon prior to his attention demon weapon Noya. [ 50.... Her away while yelling at him, but he denies being interrogated detonated them have. Kureto a message to Mahiru Night members on fire and continues slaughtering everyone the. To Sanguinem, vampires quickly retreat, calling for their impurity arts, often implementing attacks... Using it and break their taboos Guren never planned to fight Mika one-on-one escape while Imperial Moon, they... Mahiru-No-Yo and told it is revealed that the entire Ichinose Clan destroyed Guren. Was never one to care about the character Shinya Hiiragi from owari no?... Has Noya possess him to hide it from the convenience store pouch on his.. S lost all control of himself clean clothes and kneeling for him as. Goshi uses an illusion, allowing the humans to escape a `` little wuss '' asks... Kureto claims it is larger than a human, not a monster like Mahiru, Juni, and throws!

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