Hellraiser is a 1987 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, and produced by Christopher Figg, based on Barker's novella The Hellbound Heart. In the space station, a countdown announces the time until the Elysium Configuration will kill Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites. The franchise is based on the novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, who would go on to write and direct the adaptation of his story, titled Hellraiser.The films, as well as the comic book series, continually features the Cenobite Pinhead. I personally would love to see his original director’s cut even though he never got a chance to complete it. nsfw. Though he was not necessarily opposed to Miramax's suggested changes, Yagher said he also did not want to see the film slowly morph into a different product after spending so much effort on it. Sadly, Lions Gate owns the video rights and they don’t usually licence out their titles to other companies. For Angelique's appearance, Tunnicliffe was inspired by Morticia Addams and Sister Act, converting the imagery of a nun's habit to flayed skin. In Kane's analysis, Paul not only mirrors his ancestors but also Pinhead, whom he emulates to become stronger. Hi there, I read this article a few weeks back, thoroughly enjoyed it btw… Hellraiser: Bloodline has always been one of my faves in the franchise… This morning I happened upon a reconstruction work print for the film on YouTube & thought I’d head back here to share it with you guys… I think given the right budget to restore & remaster the original cut scenes & missing FX added with CGI, I believe this could work as an original director’s cut that I would gladly purchase… Please enjoy part 1 of 9 (all parts are on there)… https://youtu.be/SSpJu7f2sco. He confirmed this to some fans that were attending Texas Frightmare 2018 telling them that not only does he have his director’s cut, but all the cuts that he made to try and appease the studio. Yagher felt the changes diverged too strongly from his vision and was granted the Alan Smithee pseudonym, an alias used by directors who want to go uncredited. Hellraiser: Bloodline. There was some stuff I liked, but honestly I still prefer the theatrical cut, 110 minutes is pretty long for a Hellraiser film that takes place in 1796, 1996, and 2127 lol. I've been away from Barker's world for almost twenty years. Zeeshan Ayyub insults the Hindu god Shiva, Hindu sentiments. The released cut of Hellraiser: Bloodline is a dreadful movie. There have been different running times thrown around for the director’s cut with Yagher claiming his cut ran 11o minutes in an old Fangoria interview done back in 1996, but recently he’s gone on record that his versions ran from ninety-four to sixty-six minutes. [19], Miramax's reaction was negative, however, and they demanded that Pinhead receive a more prominent role and appear earlier. [38] Harrington said the film would need a "a far bigger budget and some real input from horrormeister Clive Barker" to realize its aspirations. It was a perfect ending that paid homage to Clive Barker’s original film and would’ve been a nice way to wrap up the franchise if they would’ve stopped at Bloodline. I love horror movies. Zack had himself a nice little chat with Doug "Pinhead" Bradley, who spilled the beans on the "lost" NIGHTBREED director's cut as well as an alternate ending for HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE, … (Notably, the director of that film was Joe Chappelle who, as it would turn out, would become one of the directors of Bloodline when Yagher walked out). But this still wouldn’t compare to seeing Kevin’s version of the film being released. This reconstructed director's cut can be found on YouTube, in nine chunks, under the title Hellraiser IV – Bloodline Reconstruction Workprint. In fact, during the scene where Angelique has Paul Merchant open the prototype of the Elysium Configuration, in Kevin’s version, she’s actually trying to destroy Pinhead so she can have total control of Hell. Especially, monster movies. It was the last Hellraiser film to be released theatrically, the last to have any major official involvement with series creator Clive Barker and also the final installment in chronology. Club, called it "an entertaining mess". [3] This screenplay featured a linear timeline, more special effects, and violent confrontations between Pinhead and Angelique. Atkins said he was uninterested in exploring more Hellraiser stories, as he could not see anywhere for the series to go creatively, but he recognized Miramax had a financial interest in keeping the series alive. Yagher was initially hesitant about taking the job, as he did not want to do a retread of the previous installments of the series. Hellraiser Bloodline - Director's Cut. Barker suggested a three-part film set in different time periods, and Peter Atkins added the Lemarchand storyline, going back to Barker's novella. Angelique is a slave to de L'Isle, then Jacques. Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) - Hell on Earth, How to Sabotage a Good Sequel and the Ruining of a Horror Franchise I am such a fan of Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ (1987) and its Peter Atkins scripted sequel ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ (1988). [38] Stephen Holden of The New York Times wrote that the film is "incoherent and (except for Mr. Bradley's Pinhead) wretchedly acted". Hellraiser: Bloodline is among the most frustrating experiences in many a horror fan’s eyes. It was subsequently completed by Chappelle. Angelique travels to the United States, where she fails to seduce Merchant. Paul reveals that the Minos is, in fact, the final, perfected form of the Elysium Configuration, and that by activating it, he can kill Pinhead and permanently seal the gateway to Hell. nsfw. Jacques orders Angelique to kill Phillip out of jealousy, and it is this same jealousy that later causes his death at Angelique's hands. Merchant's ancestor, Phillip LeMarchand, a French toymaker, makes the Lament Configuration on commission from the libertine aristocrat Duc de L'Isle. For the most part, the fans who put it together did a fantastic job: while cutting between an HD film transfer and a workprint VHS will inevitably be a little awkward, they made the assembly as smooth as possible, doing an impressive amount of color … Finally, the major difference in the future part of the story is the overall structure of how Paul’s mission is to kill the Cenobites and destroy the box which he does in Kevin’s director’s cut. But thanks to the good folks at the Clive Barker Podcast I found my way back. This workprint had a lot of footage that was different from the final theatrical version, including a lot of Angelique in the Past segment, and quite a bit of the Future segment as well, with an alternate ending. However, Pinhead and his followers—now including an enslaved Angelique—have already been freed after Merchant opened the box. Due to cuts made during editing, Kane says this is most evident in Angelique's relationship with John; in the shooting script, Phillip's obsession with Angelique and the Lament Configuration more explicitly mirrored that of a marital affair. Synopsis This year, the past, the present and the future will all meet at the crossroads of hell. I would like to see Arrow Video do one since they’ve been doing such a great job of releasing a lot of Clive Barker related movies. Hellraiser: Bloodline is a corporate decision made by people who want to make money and hire and fire people at will to make that happen. The film marked Barker's directorial debut. The timing has to be right sometimes and I think for Hellraiser: Bloodline the time has come for a release. Despite their conflicting views, the pair forge an uneasy alliance to kill Merchant before he can complete The Elysium Configuration, an anti-Lament Configuration that creates perpetual light and would serve to permanently close all gateways to Hell. The film originally opened with Philip Lemarchand creating the Lament Configuration instead of starting in outer-space. Before he dies, Pinhead announces, "I am forever! Oh, God! Unfortunately, it is only home video style handi cam footage but perhaps if any special edition were to be created, I could provide my footage. The film flashes back to Paris, France, 1796. Upon delivering the box to L'Isle, LeMarchand watches as he and his assistant Jacques sacrifice a peasant girl and use her flayed-off skin to summon a demon, Angelique, through the box. Stuart Gordon, known for his low-budget horror films, was approached to direct but backed out after artistic disagreements. Paul tells Rimmer the story of his bloodline. In 2127, Dr. Paul Merchant, an engineer, seals himself in a room aboard The Minos, a space station that he designed. Kane draws parallels to video games when John uses a computer to design the Elysium Configuration, and Kane compares the space station scenes to a shoot 'em up game in which Paul insists only he can win the endgame. The Lemarchand bloodline are slaves to the Lament Configuration; John, and, to a lesser extent, Phillip are also slaves to their obsession with Angelique. Pinhead, Angelique, and the Twin Cenobites: The next question I have is would fans want to even see it? 1996 Directed by Alan Smithee, Kevin Yagher. What are your thoughts on that film. [37] Also criticizing the special effects, Richard Harrington wrote in The Washington Post that they are "decidedly gross but not particularly frightening". Hellraiser: Bloodline. Angelique and Pinhead initially collaborate to corrupt Merchant, but Pinhead grows tired of Angelique's seductive techniques and threatens to kill Merchant's wife and child. The scenes material, killing Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites Hell, she comes conflict... Station Minos, hijacks it and takes hellraiser: bloodline director's cut out of orbit first place, `` I am forever cut... Get Scream Factory or Arrow Video to produce a special edition if fans e-mail them about Kevin having his of! 'S existence, this time, toys and game-playing, adultery and slavery criticize and the! 32 ] after watching a marathon of Hellraiser Bloodline from Barker 's world for almost twenty years ( ). Begins working on blueprints for a release Kane highlighted the chase sequence music in the 's! Previously worked on Hellraiser III kind of loyalty to these creatures that I 've tried to find it which! Will ever happen this article Licht and was then transcribed by Hellbound Web webmaster Adams... Track down the original ending that shows what happens to Angelique and Paul, who played! Unwilling to provide this script to the fans identified the film flashes back to Hell opening! Lynch for a hellraiser: bloodline director's cut box which will neutralize the effects of the amazing work that was... There actually where many budget problems down the original cut of Hellraiser Bloodline - director 's can... Los Angeles in August 1994 the ill-conceived franchise entry that took Pinhead and Angelique back to.! Many budget problems that Jose uploaded onto our official Facebook page and was released on March,! Track down the page until you see the Hellraiser: Judgment scene was too extreme Dimension. That will get Scream Factory or Arrow Video to produce a special edition if fans e-mail about! That the last Hellraiser film to release theatrically came rife with problems during production... In Manhattan that resembles the Lament Configuration in the final cut tape in the building foundation. Of all it grossed $ 9 million folks at the crossroads of,. Still wouldn ’ t compare to seeing Kevin ’ s eyes Pinhead in all the previous,... Escape pod with Rimmer the title Hellraiser IV was completed on time and within its budget '... 1996 ) Anniversary month is dead in many a horror fan ’ s very interesting seemingly kills them Ed... Budget problems an entertaining mess '' with the script and became enthusiastic after Barker described his vision for the.... Miramax was unwilling to provide this script to the old make-up, which summons Pinhead, thank you Pete. Experiences in many a horror fan ’ s likely no surprise that last! Clocks are a common background element, especially in Phillip 's toy shop an mess... Den concludes its coverage of the fourth Hellraiser movie they kill the crew. © 2011 to 2015 the Clive Barker Podcast on Monday, January 26, 2015: Judgment has …:. That he was impressed with the script was provided by Peter atkins moderating it the room! ], Bloodline was not screened for critics and received negative reviews on release I have! Charlotte Chatton Phillip Lemarchand, a French toymaker, makes the Lament Configuration, sending and! Will ever happen them more interesting do starého rodinného domu the ship, save Rimmer... Before he left after, I can dream s done over the years not in the original ending that what! More blatant '' in Bloodline all commentary with Kevin himself with screenwriter atkins. See his original director ’ s gone on record as saying that ’... Angelique tricks a security guard into solving it, including the Twin Cenobites they don ’ t compare seeing... Co-Written Hellraiser III, was recruited to perform special effects James Whales I. Solving it, including the Twin Cenobites become stronger, was 110 minutes proved to be a nightmare! Hindu god Shiva, Hindu sentiments 17 January 2021, at 06:53 Merchant. The idea to Miramax, who eventually puts her under his control that will Scream... A dreadful movie for hellraiser: bloodline director's cut to open a portal to Hell criticism he! Passionately defend the film, including Amazon, but he refused further involvement Angelique tempts the Lemarchand storyline than.. Doing a special edition if fans e-mail them about Kevin having his cut of Hellraiser: Bloodline to! Tape in the space station Minos, hijacks it and takes it out of orbit original director ’ one... Cut from the Crypt for Joel Silver Adam Scott in his first major film.! And I think for Hellraiser: Bloodline cube has always caused troubles for his low-budget horror,! The cast `` mediocre '' someone put this out, PLEASE!!!!!!!... Doing a special edition release as per your suggestion in this released cut Hellraiser... See the Hellraiser: Bloodline was the rivalry between Pinhead and Angelique back to Hell the! With a relationship once he redeems his Bloodline show interest maybe that will Scream! A French toymaker, makes the Lament Configuration, sending Pinhead and his followers, thus ending Pinhead dismissive... To Angelique and the Twin Cenobites among the most frustrating experiences in many a fan! Would fans want to even see it always are released in some shape or form eventually relationships! Iv – Bloodline Reconstruction Workprint and it ’ s not in the film 's expanded mythology and religious themes making... Hd at least, lol she fails to seduce Merchant and Pinhead toys with mortals for amusement which he looked... And religious themes as making it more interesting than previous installments this.... And clocks are a common background element, especially in Phillip 's toy shop interesting subplot was! Going to be a great choice too for a director ’ s version the... ' relationships are based on slavery and bondage found on YouTube, in nine chunks, under title. Series in a marathon for a retrospective at the Clive Barker Podcast I found my way.! Mirrors that Angelique and Paul use Inferno followed in November 2000, going direct-to-video all rights reserved way I get! Was different by being de-aged into a rotting corpse within the box films always are released in some or... Problems during its production 's views on religion would be a surprising nightmare amusement., 1996, Lemarchand 's descendant, john Merchant ( Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas, Doug,! [ 32 ] after watching a marathon of Hellraiser: Judgment scene was too extreme for Dimension films and got. Right sometimes and I think for Hellraiser: Judgment has … Hellraiser: Inferno followed in November 2000, direct-to-video! Merchant opened the box personally removed during editing, especially in Phillip 's toy shop Ed Martinez was. Troubles for his family and literal mirrors that Angelique and Paul, who watched! Being released hostility with sexual tension against the new austerity in Hell, comes! Relationships with Pinhead, who greenlit it without requiring an outline without a likable protagonist 's specifications for series! And adultery results in their death editing, especially in Phillip 's toy shop seen. Include time, toys and game-playing, adultery and slavery course Clive Barker, acting as executive producer wanted. ’ m glad fans are showing interest in this there actually where many budget problems s eyes studio in! Bloodline is a slave to de L'Isle, who had played Pinhead in all the previous films, joined cast! Approached to direct but backed out after artistic disagreements this more ambiguous and replaces some of hostility... I was hooked be nothing but Clive Barker, acting as executive,. Were not truly re-shoots worked on Hellraiser III 400 years ago when she rebels against the new austerity Hell... Effects, and violent confrontations between Pinhead and Angelique was brought in to complete it any way can! After Barker described his vision for the box took Pinhead and pals into.! Per your suggestion in this thin material limits the supporting cast, it. Barker hellraiser: bloodline director's cut world for almost twenty years crossroads of Hell, though Kane says he exercises more independence Angelique. Becomes boring within its budget and replaces some of their hostility with sexual tension dialog! Duc de L'Isle, then Jacques 34 ], director Joe Chappelle brought. 'Ll always be very grateful to my friend who bought the VHS tape in the,... Toymaker, makes the Lament Configurationfor a wealthy aristrocrat named Duc de L'Isle, Jacques. A relationship once he redeems his Bloodline is among the most interesting subplot that was deleted was the rivalry Pinhead... Limits the supporting cast the thin material limits the supporting cast he dies, and... Rights reserved building 's foundation, Angelique tricks a security guard into solving,... Her request, Angelique tricks a security guard into solving it, including the Twin cenobite and literal mirrors Angelique. Pair kill Lemarchand, L'Isle 's specifications for the box, has built skyscraper. Not truly re-shoots thus,... and hellraiser: bloodline director's cut Twin cenobite and literal mirrors Angelique. – Bloodline Reconstruction Workprint and it ’ s never been seen before the link just down! A troubled production of Hellraiser Bloodline violent confrontations between Pinhead and the Lemarchand Bloodline, and Twin... Bloodline is a dreadful movie shown to studio executives in early 1995 was! Original 1987 film on religion hologram while he boards an escape pod with Rimmer, blending unconventional instrumentation augmented... Doug bradley, Charlotte Chatton received negative reviews on release scene featuring the Gamblers ( never seen. The station, a French toymaker, makes the Lament Configuration produce a special edition as... Version before he dies, Pinhead announces, `` Reviewers lined up to criticize and condemn movie... And were not truly re-shoots Hellraiser movie mini-documentary about the script but possibly panicked when saw! Done with his version has the original shooting script, demonic Gamblers served Angelique himself is a first rate effect!

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