Non-government scientists and activists disagree, claiming that the government’s official research was compromised by Monsanto scientists. This came after Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency reassessed glyphosate for use as an herbicide back in 2017, a process the agency undergoes with herbicides every 15 years. Roundup is the brand name of a systemic, broad-spectrum glyphosate-based herbicide originally produced by Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The IRS and US Treasury can't send any more checks, at least not automatically. So why is Roundup still being sold? |   , Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits, California Mortgage Lender Consumer Protection. We list which cruise ships are being scrapped or sold directly due to the suspension of cruise operations and the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the cruise industry. In June, Bayer, the parent company of Monsanto, announced that it would pay up to $10.9 billion to settle thousands of Roundup lawsuits. However, there are growing questions. … The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer lists glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen.” However, the Canadian government has not yet banned Roundup.