Simple pleasures. They’re the best kind. We’re from Naples, so we grew up surrounded by a lot of lovely things. San Marzano tomatoes, real buffalo mozzarella, the finest cold pressed extra virgin olive oil; all grown from the ash rich soils surrounding Mount Vesuvius.

Where we’re from, amazing ingredients bursting with flavour are normal. Only harvesting those ingredients locally, using traditional methods? That was normal too.

You can imagine we were pretty surprised when we found out the rest of the world called this ‘ethically sourced’ and ‘responsibly harvested’. We were also surprised that what we had always simply called food was presented as something unique and exclusive.

We started over twenty years ago with the dream of sharing our amazing ingredients with the rest of the world, and that’s exactly what we’re doing – bringing amazing ingredients, all sourced in and around Naples, and serving them with the same passion for flavour and authenticity which we enjoyed as children. From our hometown to yours. From Naples, with love.

Locations :

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Tahlia Street RIYADH 01 2939565
Malik Road L’etoile Center, JEDDAH 02 6926318