CCTV footage captured the tragic moment a six-year-old girl fell to her death after being dragged by an escalator at a shopping centre in Malaysia. She was out shopping with her mother, suddenly disappeared through a gap and plunged five floors.

Nurhayada was killed on impact after suffering horrific head injuries. The heartbreaking accident happened while her mother was on the phone to her husband Musa who had called to check how she and his two daughters were.

Nurhayada is seen in the video playing with the handrail at the top of the escalator with her five-year-old sister at the Kenanga Wholesale City mall in Pudu, Malaysia.

She then appears to be dragged over the side and vanishes. Stunned bystanders at the busy shopping mall rush to the edge and peer over in shock.

Her distraught father Musa told The Star: ‘We were still arguing when I heard a commotion and the line was cut.

‘Minutes later, my wife called back to say that Nurhayada was dead. I just couldn’t believe it.’

Her mother was said to have been inconsolable and said: ‘I made a mistake and my daughter is dead.’ 

An investigation has been launched by police and the fire service are looking into whether the mall has breached safety regulations.

Nurhayada is expected to be buried in her father’s hometown in Muar.